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Do you want to acquire ExpiredLinks domains but not want to put in the time to build out your network? Let us do the work.

First thing’s first: Why do domains expire?

Thousands of domains expire daily, and for various reasons. Sometimes, owners simply forget to renew their domains. Others have moved onto other projects or simply don’t want the domain anymore. Regardless, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Anyone who knows anything about SEO and backlinks knows how valuable expired domain names can be, filled with highquality, high-authority backlinks just waiting to be snatched up.

But - it’s not always as simple as it sounds.

Separating the good from the bad and the ugly is tough, which is where we come in. ExpiredLinks tells you everything you need to know about the expired domains available in your industry, along with their backlinks. ExpiredLinks helps you skip multiple steps in the complex SEO process, cutting to the chase with strong domains featuring relevant SEO data and backlinks.

How We Can Help

If a domain is available for registration, we can help you snatch it up. $250 is a small price to pay for a completely customized website and domain featuring backlinks from your preferred site. Just imagine how much your bottom line would soar if your domain already had backlinks from the biggest and most prominent websites in your industry!

Our packages include:

Graphic Interface

We build out a fully functional website that in certain times looks even better than your money sites.


The registration and hosting of the website for 1 year is included.

Latest versions of software

Our wordpress and HTML build websites always come with the latest versions of plugins so the site is as safe as possible. Upon request we also block the robots to check the backlinks.

Handwritten article

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TOS and disclaimer page

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additional content on request

You can always ask us to create more content or to keep your website fresh by making us upload fresh content on a monthly basis.

Private Blog Network Strategy

The websites we create come with the highest standard and can be used as money sites or network sites. Your preferences will be adhered to.

Fully Responsive

Device Tested

Clean & Modern

Great Experience

Our network sites are as clean as they come.

We have 12+ years experience in the industry and know our field. Our sites are clean and professional with a great look and feel. The process we follow…

Frontend Development
Plugin installation
Original content implementation
branding pages implementation

Our unique service is currently unavailable anywhere else.

While there are expired domain websites out there, none of them tell you which backlinks are associated with

each expired domain. Let’s say you need a link from the Wall Street Journal to boost your

authority. As you can surely imagine, getting a link from the Wall Street Journal can be impossible –

but not if you use expired links. Imagine the traffic and ranking improvement you’d get with a

backlink like this!


The same can be said for a car dealership needing a website with backlinks from magazine websites like Top Gear or Road & Track. What’s more, while implementing backlinks typically takes hours, even for SEO pros, ExpiredLinks gets it done in just 5-10 minutes. In many cases, you can get the job done in only two minutes. You’ll be presented with results giving you options for domain names to register – which already have the backlinks you need! It’s the ultimate SEO shortcut.


Our unique SaaS product makes it easier than ever to garner high-quality backlinks from high authority websites. Simply let us know which sites you want a link from, and the ExpiredLinks software will get to work – sourcing and delivering domains available for registration. Each domain is guaranteed to have links pointing from the website you provided initially.


Ready to overtake the competition through expired domains with high-authority backlinks?

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