Expired Domains

Our core product will find expired domains for you that can be used to improve your SEO. Find mistype and expired domains.

An SEO Service for Expired Domains Perfectly Customized to Industry Standards

From now on you’re perfectly able to acquire backlinks from any given website you prefer. Go here, give the website you want a link from, we provide you the domain you can register. 

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If you have some problems with our software or you want some extra tips on how to use our software to bring you the maximum returns you can always contact us and we will try to give you some tips on how to get the maximum out of the software. We have quite some experience with expired domains and can easily give you tips.

ExpiredLinks core aspects

Besides the base value of the product you can also use our software for out of the box problem solving.

Find brandable domains

If you want to start a new domain with some value and brand it for your own our software will be of high value to you.

Visitor Growth

When you increase your SEO your visitors will also increase in most of the times. This can be done by implementing expired domains in your strategy.

Increased Rankings

You can increase your rankings if you use our SaaS in any way. Be innovative and you even can o on-site adjustments.

Helping out webmasters

A website with broken links can harm the originating webste, you can help the webmaster out by providing this information to the webmaster.

Link Building

This one is obvious, with the use of our SaaS you can go ahead and acquire high value links.

Re-using expired domains

When you re-use old domains you can sweep up the SEO benefits of these domains.

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Our pricing plans

Our billing works very simple. 1$ = 1 ExpiredLinks credit. You can acquire 1 domain available for registration from any given website for 1 ExpiredLinks credit.

Basic Plan

This plan let's you view 10 results. Perfect for beginners.

  • 10 results from 10 websites
  • 3 results from 3 domains
  • 5 results from 2 websites

$1010 credits

Perfect for starters


Advance Plan

For users that are in need of more results

  • 1 result from 30 websites
  • 3 results from 10 websites
  • 5 results from 6 websites

$2530 credits

Most popular

Premium Plan

For network creators and power users

  • 1 result from 125 websites
  • 3 results from 41 websites
  • 5 results from 25 websites

$100125 credits

Best value

Advanced Network Setup Strategy

If you want us to create the websites for you than you can use our done for you service. Our service costs you 200$ and gets you a fully build out website with domain registration and hosting included.

Your money site will receive indirect high-value links from authorities.
Your backlink portfolio will become more complex and more SEO friendly.
You will have an increase in rankings.