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Expired Links does in 5 minutes what would cost you 2 hours of manual research. We value your time.

SEO is complicated, but one of the most important cogs in the SEO machine is backlinking.

Backlinks are a crucial part of any business's SEO strategy, seeing as search engines like Google favor websites with more high-quality backlinks.

In Google’s mind, these sites are more relevant
than their backlink-lacking counterparts.

We love what we do and We love Helping others Succeed

With our web based tool you will be able to expand your results and increase your exposure online.

Why ExpiredLinks?

Just because a domain is expired, doesn’t mean its value is. The World Wide Web is packed full of high-value links that are still alive, well, and ready for you to take advantage of. ExpiredLinks specializes in helping businesses big and small find cheap expired domains with high-authority backlinks. It’s not “theft.” It’s smart, and if you haven’t already started using ExpiredLinks yet, you probably wish you’d known about it sooner.

You could buy an expired domain on auction, but this could end up being a complete waste of money – with you investing in a random website with potentially thousands of spammy backlinks.
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First Working Process

We resolved the problem of manually needing to search for great websites and doing outreach to request a collaboration to work together and link to our websites.

Dedicated Team

We gathered a dedicated team that worked to develop a product that fulfills a problem we face with on a daily basis.

24/7 Support

We are always available to answer questions related to our product.

A Better link profile means Better S.E.O. Utilize your time at a Maximum

Because of our expertise in the industry we can easily promise you that you will save time by using our SaaS

Time saved compared to manually searching for expired links90%
Time saved with our guidance and help94%
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Our Recent Findings

By using our own service we were easily able to spot nice expired links on domains like,,, and lots of other great websites.

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Choose the amount of credits that suit your needs.

We have multiple options for different purposes. If you prefer to let our experts create the expired links for you we suggest you to use the DFY plan.

Stacking options

If you prefer stacking methods for your SEO you can easily use our results to stack your sites.

Web Development

We are constantly working on improving and making our product the best in the industry.

Targetted Domains

The domains you find will always have spillover relevancy from the targeted domains.

Support & Maintanance

We're here to help. We can provide tips on using the most out of our service.

Did You Know…?

…One single backlink takes up to 10 weeks, on average, to improve a website’s search engine ranking. We’re no Sweet Brown, but “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Using ExpiredLinks lets you bypass the waiting game, with access to expired website domains that already have the backlinks you’re working so hard to get. In other words, the domain already gets (and has a history of getting) high amounts of traffic. Any SEO pro knows how intricate the backlinking process is, from indexing to the “big jump” to the “uphill climb.” It takes several days for new links to even get indexed, after which the real process begins which, as we mentioned, can take up to 10 weeks.

Haven’t heard of anything like ExpiredLinks before? That’s because we are the first of our kind!

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